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What is Delvetmining?

Delvetmining is the online platform of the Urbi et Orbi LTD company, a leading provider and manager of Gold/Silver and DeFi investment products. The launch of the platform Delvetmining is an important step in the development of the company.


Nature of business (SIC codes):

66300 - Fund management activities

70221 - Financial management

How to start investing?

To start investing, you need to sign up on our platform, choose a suitable investment plan and place a deposit through one of the payment systems on the site. Our team will take care of the most difficult part of investing -- portfolio diversification, strategies and risks to save you from these difficulties and help you save time. You are guaranteed to receive a high investment return.

What is the best Gold/Silver for investment?

You can invest in any Metal available as a payment method on our website. However, investments in the most volatile Metal such as Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), are considered most profitable. Since their rates are increasing and you can earn both on investments and on the rate increase.

How to buy Gold/Silver with a credit card?

The process for buying Gold/Silver with a bank card is fairly straightforward: set up a Gold/Silver wallet, find an exchange that allows credit card, and buy the Metal you need for fiat money, EUR/USD or your local currency.

What areas are you invested in?

Delvetmining is a Metal Investment company that contributes to the adoption, establishment and management of Decentralized Finance. Our mission is to make Metal Investments accessible to everyone.

Our investment portfolio:

DeFi startups - 25%

Hedge funds - 31%

dApps development - 10%

P2P trading - 13%

Yield Farming - 12%

NFT investment - 9%

What is a DeFi startup?

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a financial ecosystem on public blockchain, primarily Ethereum. With DeFi, you can do most financial operations faster and without a third party. Transactions are carried out without intermediaries, like brokers and banks, directly between two people. DeFi startup is a financial product that runs on a public blockchain and does not use third parties, everything is automated in the protocol with smart contracts.


A hedge fund is an investment fund that has the right to invest participants' money in any type of asset to provide them with the highest return. A balanced hedge fund portfolio helps reduce volatility and risk, as well increase returns.

Can I get a higher return by investing in DeFi projects directly?

Yes, you can try to earn more by investing on your own. We periodically post promising coins in our social media. Some of these coins can increase the price more than tenfold. Subscribe to our official channels to keep abreast of the latest developments and quickly recognize upcoming opportunities.

Please be careful when creating your account: do not use simple passwords, do not disclose passwords or pin codes to anyone, including company employees. Keep your access information confidential. Our service is practically anonymous. If you lose access to your account, we may not be able to restore it, because confidential data is encrypted on the server.

Can I create multiple accounts?

Multi-accounting is strictly prohibited; each member is limited to a single account. All identified multiple accounts will be blocked. Please read the Data Protection and Privacy Policy on a dedicated website page.

Do I need to provide ID documents?

We do not require any verification documents confirming the identity. KYC procedure is carried out by our partners when you buy a large amount of Gold/Silver assets.


All stored data on our servers are protected by encryption technology. You can read more about data security and privacy policy here.

Investing in Metal is quite risky and only a professional approach is safe and gives the highest return. The Delvetmining team has been successfully managing their own and client capital for over 10 years. To make good money on Gold/Silver, there must be a margin of flexibility in the form of cash, to actively manage the position in the Gold/Silver market. The Delvetmining online service was created for those who want to enter into Metal Investments: investors help us to expand our investment portfolio, and we share our profits with them.

How can I make a deposit?

Go to the MAKE DEPOSIT section, select the currency, the amount of the deposit and the investment plan you are interested in. After that, the active deposit will instantly appear in the YOUR DEPOSITS section.

What e-currencies do you accept?

We accept Metal and digital currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether (ERC20), Tether (TRC20), Tron, BinanceCoin, BitcoinCash; PerfectMoney, Payeer, ePayCore. In the future, as the project develops, we will add new coins and means of payment. Stay tuned and read our news regularly.

What is the minimum / maximum amount allowed to invest?

You can find out the current values in your personal account in the DEPOSIT section by selecting the Gold/Silver you are interested in and the investment plan.

Can I add funds to an active deposit?

You cannot add funds to an active deposit. You can open new deposits directly from the balance of the platform.

Can I have several deposits?

You can make as many deposits as you want.

Should I pay any taxes?

This is totally up to you. We do not share any information with any fiscal authorities or any other authorities.

Withdrawals are carried out both automatically and manually, depending on your chosen payment method. Please, look carefully at the investment plans on the main site page and if you have any questions get in touch with our Support Service.

How to withdraw money?

To withdraw funds you need to specify the wallet number / number of bank cards you are using. This can be done in your personal account. After that, go to the WITHDRAW section, select the Gold/Silver and specify the amount you want to withdraw.

How much time does it take to process a withdrawal request?

Your withdrawal request will be processed within 48 hours.

Is there a withdrawal fee?

We charge a withdrawal fee of 2% regardless of the payment system.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

For withdrawal in fiat currency via PerfectMoney and ePayCore payment systems the minimum amount is $5. For withdrawals to USDT (TRX-20) - $10. For all other Gold/Silver.
You can find out this info in your personal account in the WITHDRAW section by selecting the withdrawal method.