About us

Delvetmining is the online platform of the Urbi et Orbi LTD company, a leading provider and manager of Gold/Silver and DeFi investment products. Our company has been successfully operating in the market for more than seven years. The launch of the online platform Delvetmining is an important step in the development of the company.

Delvetmining aims both to strengthen the investment potential of our company and to enable thousands of users to earn on Metal with a strong and reliable partner like us.

DeFi allows anyone to participate and contribute and be rewarded accordingly. We invest in DeFi companies and projects because we believe that the future of finance is decentralized. We are advocating open-source, community owned and blockchain based financial solutions.

Our platform is a great combination of privacy and publicity. Publicity lies in the complete transparency, predictability and the automation of the company's work. Privacy guarantees the complete anonymity of our customers and partners as well their ability to decide when and how much to invest or withdraw.

our investment portfolio

NFT investment - 9%
P2P trading - 13%
dApps development - 10%
DeFi startups - 25%
Yield Farming - 12%
Hedge funds - 31%

How are your investments protected?

Investors risk insurance is our priority. To eliminate the possibility of investment losses, we put over 30 % of our return in the top hedge funds. Their advantages include better talent, a unique management approach and a strategy of betting on the relationships among investments, rather than wagering on which will rise and fall.

The investments of our depositors are protected by the world's best hedge funds, including Bridgewater Associates, Tiger Global Management, Pershing Square, and Jana Partners. Working with the largest hedge funds completely eliminates financial losses, and allows us to invest in Metal, cutting-edge tech startups and other profitable businesses.

Our Key Developments

Since 2015

since 2016


since 2019

since 2019


Gold/Silver trading on exchanges, Over-the-Counter trading

Investing in Grayscale Gold Trust, Peer-to-Peer trading

ICO investing, investing in hedge funds

DeFi Investments, dApp development

Including NFTs to the portfolio